An Indian Affair

Series: Contemporary Romances
Publisher: Gypsy Autumn Publications

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            31OVER 25,000 DOWNLOADS IN THE FIRST 5 DAYS OF DIGITAL RELEASE!

as hard and proud as his Seminole ancestors, bitter about his elegant Bostonian mother’s abandonment of him, and a bounty hunter, tougher than the criminals he tracked. Andrew Fox was dangerous to the men he hunted for a living and to the women he chased for pleasure. He needed no one-until Lucinda Warren came to town.Shy, reserved Lucinda was as civilized as Fox was wild. He knew she was wrong for him-and he fought against his passionate need for her. She was the most precious prize he had ever captured, and to keep her he was, finally, willing to pay the highest price of all-his love.