Desiring Miss Darcy

Series: Recently Released Series: Contemporary Romances
Publisher: Gypsy Autumn Publications

First Digital Release March 2015
(Originally Published as MADE FOR EACH OTHER, November 2000)

Jill Darcy has a broken heart, a lonely past, and a stalker sending grisly packages to her home. What she didn’t need was an FBI agent taking over her life and telling her what to do during every minute of it. Tony Barringer was arrogant and overbearing and everything she wanted to dislike. She couldn’t help reacting to his masculine presence however, as he did his job and protected her from the unknown threat. She found herself falling in love again and risking her feelings once more. What she didn’t know was the secret Tony was keeping that would tear them apart when she learned it. Was it possible for Jill to take a chance again and find happiness at last?