Gypsy Autumn

Series: Recently Released Series: Young Adult Romances
Publisher: Gypsy Autumn Publications

Phaedra Simon is seventeen, and her life is a mess. She’s starting her senior year at a new all girls school, the kind of place with strict rules and ugly uniforms. Her corporate lawyer Dad is cold and distant. Phaedra’s boyfriend dumped her after she fended off his latest round of heavy breathing and sweaty palms. It’s all standard stuff and normally she could deal with it. But Phaedra’s defenses are at an all-time low after the recent death of her Mom. Things start to brighten when Tim Foley crash lands in her life. He’s gorgeous and sensitive and intelligent. He’s also on work release from the nearby juvenile detention center. Phaedra is drawn to Tim in a way she’s never felt before–but he’s not the kind of guy her father wants her to know. The question is, will her Dad be able to keep them apart? Or will Tim take over and do what’s best for both of them? Doreen Owens Malek’s classic coming of age novel GYPSY AUTUMN is now available in digital, and updated to show how tough teen life can be when love is involved and decisions have real, adult consequences.