Lady Selby’s Lover

Series: Recently Released Series: Historical Romances
Publisher: Gypsy Autumn Publications


It was a titled British lady’s perilous plan to disguise herself as a boy, to steal aboard a ship bound for the embattled shores of Ireland. From the moment orphaned Lady Alexandra Cummings arrived at besieged Inverary Castle, her life and her future were no longer her own. Captured by rugged Irish rebel Kevin Burke, the daring noblewoman became a pawn in a dangerous game of treachery, betrayal, and irresistible attraction.

She lost her heart to the one man she dared not trust, and her passion for him could not be swayed by reason. Cruel fate tragically plunged Kevin into exile and Alexandra into a loveless marriage. Their forbidden liaison swept them across Queen Elizabeth’s divided realm, into a timeless love story that defied borders and boundaries and could not be denied.