The Harder They Fall

Series: Contemporary Romances
Publisher: Gypsy Autumn Publications

200,000 Copies Sold on First Printing in 1993


Helene Danforth had loved her late fiancĂ©, though he’d never stirred the passion she knew was in her. So when she found herself alone, unmarried and pregnant with his unborn child, she realized she had to do something to make things right. She never expected that Martin’s brother Chris, a Wyoming rancher and rodeo champion, would offer her marriage; she never dreamed she’d be hungering for Chris’ long, lean body…

Chris Murdock swore to give his bother’s child a secure life, but he wasn’t about to let the “innocent” Miss Danforth lure him into her gold digging trap. But Chris soon discovered that he had no defenses against his own fiery longings…