Welcome to the new website for Doreen Owens Malek

Hi everyone,

Several months ago my website crashed and died. I decided it was time to start over with a new, more functional and informational one. I hope you like it and find it easy to use. I’ve been busy working on three projects simultaneously this year. I’m excited about my upcoming releases for this summer and fall. These three books have never been published before in any form.

The first of my new projects to be released will be The Seduction of Tallchief. This book is a stylish and sexy thrill ride, full of surprises, with a plot taken straight from today’s headlines and a Native American hero who defines the word “hot.” Tallchief is a proud and independent loner who doesn’t expect to be drawn to the spoiled heiress he meets while targeting her father. The villain is heinous, the intrigue is intriguing, and the love story is compellingly romantic. It will have you rooting for the bad guy to fall (hard) and for the desperate couple to overcome the obstacles separating them to find happiness. It’s a fabulous read you won’t soon forget and it will be available digitally shortly.

Late summer will see the digital release of Abra’s Arranged Marriage, a romance which concerns a Philadelphia lawyer, Abra Hamilton, who travels to Texas to locate her recently deceased stepfather’s long lost son, Linc Fraser. Through a series of legal complications she winds up marrying Fraser in order to keep him out of jail. She also experiences the shock of adjusting to Texas culture and to the rough hewn but startlingly sexy Fraser. She falls in love with both, and discovers a new life of sensuality and commitment with the semi-stranger she has wed. He proves to be a refreshing change from the “suits” she works with up north, but Abra wonders if she can follow through with their deal and divorce him once his freedom is achieved. This is the type of book which fueled my addiction to romances before I ever wrote one, and I know you’ll love it.

For all the many fans of A Marriage of Convenience, the long awaited Another Marriage of Convenience will be released digitally this fall. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some new Braddocks, as daughter Laura falls in love with a handsome stranger and finds heartbreak and fulfillment on the ranch in present day California. Tay and Sharon also survive a rocky patch in their enduring marriage to prove once again that love conquers all.

I’d like to extend a special thanks for many kind notes I’ve received regarding the original A Marriage of Convenience. The book was a delight to write and has been my most enduringly successful contemporary (1989!) romance. It continues to make fans out of new readers and I have never lost interest in the first Braddocks, Tay and Sharon. So it was a pleasure to imagine what might be happening to them and their offspring today, a generation later, when Tay’s past returns to complicate the present for the whole family.

I look forward to hearing from my fans.